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I’m fair how are you?

I haven’t done much cooking lately, at least not for myself. The Exchange Club Fair was in town last week, and I spent five days cooking hamburgers and sausage for the hungry crowds.  I have been a member of the Exchange Club since 1994, and during that time I’ve always helped with the fair. It’s something I really love. In fact, I have on occasion, considered running away and traveling the country as a carny. I always wanted to be the guy that ran the Flying Bobs. Commonsense usually takes over and I realize that might not be the best idea.

Hopefully, I will get back to cooking next week. There are some new things I want to try and some I want to revisit to see what can be improved. I am working on blocking the week and trying to focus on one thing depending on what day it is. For example, Mystery Box Monday. If I cook on Monday the main ingredient will be a surprise.  Back to basics Tuesday would be a cooking method or recipe that should be second nature to a good cook, like risotto or roasting chicken.  I hope it will make planning what to cook easier, and give some structure to my cooking and recipe selection.

So with that I will leave you until the next post. Be on the lookout for the Friday Morning Roundup and in the meantime, I would like to know what your favorite fair food is? Mine is corn dogs, or anything on a stick for that matter.


“There can be only one”

***Spoiler Alert***

It was no surprise that Paul and Will were the last two standing in the finally of Hell’s Kitchen. Check a couple of posts back and you will see that I even called it. I’m not going to question chef Ramsay, he sees more than we do since we at home view get the chopped up edited version of the show.

I think in the end either one was a good choice and have felt that way since the early episodes of the show. Both seemed to have it together early on and didn’t get caught up in the drama that always seemed to surround some of the other contestants.

I’m not sure why Tommy was in the final four. Every time they showed him he was screwing something up. It may have just been the dumbfounded look that the camera kept catching though.

And of course there was Elise, the one everyone loved to hate. I love reading the comments on Facebook about her but I think she can cook and must have done something right to go as far as she did. I think she really shined last night though.

In the end it was Paul. After the initial tasting of his dishes I would not have bet on him but he seemed to pull it together in the end. I really thought Will had it but the choice was made and Paul deserved it.

So now that that’s out of the way and Master Chef is over what do we watch now?




Everyone loves fall of the bone tender ribs and I cook really good ribs that way. Rub them down with a little seasoning and throw them on the grill. They are great. One thing people don’t understand about competition BBQ is that while cooking ribs is fairly easy cooking them correctly for competition is not. I once asked the question of why competition ribs should be tender but not fall off the bone. I was told that anyone can cook them this way but there is a fine line to getting them just right where they yield to gentle pressure and peel away from the bone clean and fall off the bone done. In competition you strive for this perfect balance between tender but not over done.

Saturday Fire in the Hole BBQ will be competing at Racks by the Tracks in Waynesboro GA and looking for those perfect ribs to turn into the judges and hoping to hear our name called as the first place winner. If you get a chance come out and say hello. We won’t be selling anything this year but always love to see people while we are cooking.

I have been doing this for a long time and I feel like we have a really good rib to turn in this year. As always it will be in interesting time and if we don’t win I will post the recipe for everyone. If we do win I am keeping it to myself.

Hell’s Kitchen

Last night I caught up on Hell’s Kitchen. I don’t really like Elise  but I also understand how reality shows work. The not so talented are slowly being weeded out but Elise is being kept around to make the show interesting. I’m pretty sure she won’t be winning but I think she can cook even though she ruined a lot of good fish last night. I can’t really imagine how tough it must be took cook in a kitchen like that. When Chef Ramsay yells out the orders my head spins and all of the yelling.  It’s so dramatic. I am a low drama person so you probably won’t be seeing me on the show but I love watching. I think in the end you will see Paul and Will going for the win. The seem to be the most level headed of the group and most likely to succeed. Then again maybe Elise will be running BLT in the end. I guess we will just have to stay tuned.


Here we go again…

I started this blog to post my culinary exploits but quickly abandoned it but since no one is following it I guess it really didn’t matter. I didn’t stop cooking but I just haven’t been posting. Today that changes. At the urging of a friend I have decided to revive this blog and post my thoughts on food and whatever else comes into my simple little mind. I have been cooking quite a bit and have even gone so far as to sign up for a shot at Master Chef but more on that later. If you are reading this please feel free to leave some feedback and let me know that you were here.



Well since everyone else has a blog I figured what the heck I might as well have one too. The biggest problem is deciding what to write about. I’m sure that what the world needs is another blog but hey, why not? Besides even if no one is reading this if it makes me feel better to put it out there than it’s all good right?

So lets start with the basics. What should I write about? Well I think a food blog would suite me just fine. No groans from the back of the room. Besides no one is reading this anyway right?

I’m a great cook and it’s something I love to do. No I am not in the food industry but I do compete in some competition BBQ and catering for fun and profit. More fun than profit though.

So with that said I think it’s decided. This will be a food blog. Even though I love to cook It’s something I rarely do, at least at home. By starting this blog I hope that it will encourage me to do more cooking and having some sort of deadline might be the incentive I need to do this.

Anyway as it stands right now my posting will be at least once a week. More if I cook more but that’s the self-imposed deadline. So be sure to check back on Monday and find out what’s cooking.


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