“There can be only one”

***Spoiler Alert***

It was no surprise that Paul and Will were the last two standing in the finally of Hell’s Kitchen. Check a couple of posts back and you will see that I even called it. I’m not going to question chef Ramsay, he sees more than we do since we at home view get the chopped up edited version of the show.

I think in the end either one was a good choice and have felt that way since the early episodes of the show. Both seemed to have it together early on and didn’t get caught up in the drama that always seemed to surround some of the other contestants.

I’m not sure why Tommy was in the final four. Every time they showed him he was screwing something up. It may have just been the dumbfounded look that the camera kept catching though.

And of course there was Elise, the one everyone loved to hate. I love reading the comments on Facebook about her but I think she can cook and must have done something right to go as far as she did. I think she really shined last night though.

In the end it was Paul. After the initial tasting of his dishes I would not have bet on him but he seemed to pull it together in the end. I really thought Will had it but the choice was made and Paul deserved it.

So now that that’s out of the way and Master Chef is over what do we watch now?




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