Everyone loves fall of the bone tender ribs and I cook really good ribs that way. Rub them down with a little seasoning and throw them on the grill. They are great. One thing people don’t understand about competition BBQ is that while cooking ribs is fairly easy cooking them correctly for competition is not. I once asked the question of why competition ribs should be tender but not fall off the bone. I was told that anyone can cook them this way but there is a fine line to getting them just right where they yield to gentle pressure and peel away from the bone clean and fall off the bone done. In competition you strive for this perfect balance between tender but not over done.

Saturday Fire in the Hole BBQ will be competing at Racks by the Tracks in Waynesboro GA and looking for those perfect ribs to turn into the judges and hoping to hear our name called as the first place winner. If you get a chance come out and say hello. We won’t be selling anything this year but always love to see people while we are cooking.

I have been doing this for a long time and I feel like we have a really good rib to turn in this year. As always it will be in interesting time and if we don’t win I will post the recipe for everyone. If we do win I am keeping it to myself.


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