Hell’s Kitchen

Last night I caught up on Hell’s Kitchen. I don’t really like Elise  but I also understand how reality shows work. The not so talented are slowly being weeded out but Elise is being kept around to make the show interesting. I’m pretty sure she won’t be winning but I think she can cook even though she ruined a lot of good fish last night. I can’t really imagine how tough it must be took cook in a kitchen like that. When Chef Ramsay yells out the orders my head spins and all of the yelling.  It’s so dramatic. I am a low drama person so you probably won’t be seeing me on the show but I love watching. I think in the end you will see Paul and Will going for the win. The seem to be the most level headed of the group and most likely to succeed. Then again maybe Elise will be running BLT in the end. I guess we will just have to stay tuned.



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