Well since everyone else has a blog I figured what the heck I might as well have one too. The biggest problem is deciding what to write about. I’m sure that what the world needs is another blog but hey, why not? Besides even if no one is reading this if it makes me feel better to put it out there than it’s all good right?

So lets start with the basics. What should I write about? Well I think a food blog would suite me just fine. No groans from the back of the room. Besides no one is reading this anyway right?

I’m a great cook and it’s something I love to do. No I am not in the food industry but I do compete in some competition BBQ and catering for fun and profit. More fun than profit though.

So with that said I think it’s decided. This will be a food blog. Even though I love to cook It’s something I rarely do, at least at home. By starting this blog I hope that it will encourage me to do more cooking and having some sort of deadline might be the incentive I need to do this.

Anyway as it stands right now my posting will be at least once a week. More if I cook more but that’s the self-imposed deadline. So be sure to check back on Monday and find out what’s cooking.



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